Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sri Lanka 760/7d


Something really needs to be done about this predilection for flat lifeless decks.  Really, 760/7d?  Bring back some life in the pitches, groundsmen!

Mahela Jayawardene's innings were extraordinary and he couldn't have asked for better support than Prasanna provided him with.

India can bat their way to safety on this, depending on what condition it is in tomorrow.  But if there was any pitch you were going to try and bat your way to safety for a day and a half on, well, this is it.  A win is impossible at this stage I think, but India can still try and rescue a draw.

Either way, there will be some hard and long discussions about the bowling before the next test.


  1. Welcome to The Prindiville End, Soulbrery :)

    Without a doubt, SB, its a big ask, with tired players and then fifth day conditions tomorrow, and a possible quick-fire follow-up innings by Sri Lanka tomorrow, its a big ask. Dravid, Tendulkar and Gambhir will have to really earn their match fee with this.

    Good start to the Indian 2nd Innings though, apart from Sehwag forgetting himself.

  2. not only india srilanka will be worried to if we manage to draw...

    first their bowlers will be toiling for about 4 and a half session... then knowing they came close will hurt them even more given the next match will start in 3 days gap... they will be hoping sangakkara win the toss and bat in next match!

  3. They might have declared a bit late.. There is a half chance for a draw but must say the Lankan bowlers are using the conditions better. They will be disappointed if they don't win.

  4. Good point SP, to come this close to winning their first Test on Indian soil only to lose it through their own over-batting would be a pretty big psychological blow in the lead up to the 2nd Test.

    Losing Dravid at the end causes a bit of trouble but yeah, I think they left the declaration too late, given they have their second innings available and could have just turned on the T20 guns if India had passed their lead. Personally would have declared just before the end of last night, leaving a few overs to get a lucky strike on the openers.

    A lot riding on the pitch condition tomorrow.

  5. Nathan,

    The pitch wont deteriorate. And since the Indians can use the heavy roller, that should nullify any unevenness the wicket has. Plus the ball is 45 overs old, unlike Days 1 and 2 when the Lankan pacers got the brand new ball to exploit whatever help was on offer.

    As regards wickets, read this and weep!


  6. Homer,

    Quite true, the Sri Lankans have probably overplayed their hands (quite literally overplayed, actually).

    And dear mother of god...

    Also, is that guy in the left of the picture the heavy roller you were referring to?

  7. Nathan,

    Youe guess is as good as mine :)