Wednesday, November 18, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka at Motera, Day 3 Review

Jayawardene vs Dravid
Dilshaan vs Dhoni
Welegedara vs ... who? 

Who in the Indian bowling attack was able to apply pressure, take wickets, restrict scoring?

Z Khan 30 - 4 - 93 - 2 - 3.10 (8nb, 2w)
I Sharma 28 - 0 - 108 - 2 - 3.85 (3nb, 1w)
Harbhajan Singh 39 - 3 - 151 - 1 - 3.87
A Mishra 43 - 6 - 152 - 0 - 3.53 (6nb)
Yuvraj Singh 13 - 1 - 49 - 0 - 3.76
SR Tendulkar 7 - 0 - 20 - 0 - 2.85

Very flat performances, and the number of no balls is sure to be causing lots of red faces in the Pavillion.  India has caught its jumper on the thorn of the last batting partnership of Sri Lanka's line-up which is truly frustrating to see.  The Sri Lankan's, by contrast have looked determined, dangerous and competent, a team on a mission.  The Sri Lankan team have been consistent in the field and consistent with the bat.
So first test will go down as either a draw or a win for Sri Lanka, then spend the next four days finding out what happened to the bowling attack.


  1. the reasons are not far to find...

    ishant has not been on top of game form and fitness wise while we have hurried zak to the game... can already see him throwing underarm and bowling with short run up... and this is first innings only...

    we have got some major problem to discuss once the match is over...

  2. The fitness issues might help explain how he somehow racked up 9 no balls...

    Selectors better start taking very careful looks at the veteran Ranjit bowlers. Or even better, someone should start taking very careful looks at the selectors!