Sunday, November 22, 2009

And we're back

After a busy weekend, a little worse for wear from the company Christmas Party, and we're back again.

India and Sri Lanka batted themselves out to a dull and lifeless draw.
Sri Lanka proved they are too hyper-cautious to eke out wins.
Queensland vs West Indies, batted themselves out to a lifeless draw (curse that 4-day format!).

Seems the only actual victories allowed to take place these days are the Victorians over my Western Warriors!  Sad times...

Well, 2nd Test at Kanpur starts tomorrow, and the 1st Test between Australia and West Indies in three days time.  The first of these promises to be another close and hard fought match (to be inevitably be decided by if the pitch will allow a victory) and the second promises to be a rather one-sided and unpleasant (and don't just ask me; when Saint Lara the I say's they're in for a shellacking, that's a bad sign).  Ah, Test Cricket, what we live for.

Of course, Chris Gayle is back, which is great for the Windies (and many well wishes to Gayle's mother Heazlyn Gilroy!) and should make them a more competitive side.  Their baptism by fire in Australian conditions at Allan Border oval in Brisbane will have given them a heads up on how the pitches play here so playing the national team shouldn't throw up many shocks.  But it will still be an uphill battle; let's make no mistake, they were trending very badly for a loss if there had been a fifth day's play.  If I were to be a fool, I'd say 2-nil, Australia's way, in the series.  And if I were to bet on the India v Sri Lanka series, I'd say 1-nil, India's way.

Also, Glenn McGrath took 3/18.  I don't care what people say, to me the Human Metronome is the most terrifying bowler I can think of.  :)


  1. the bowling of west indies seems good so if batsmen give them enough backup they can surprise oz... remember their win in sa recently...?

  2. But I don't think Aus will allow another home defeat SP. Ricky might be burnt alive if he lost two Ashes and two home test series!

  3. Wasn't able to see the "all star" match in the UK, so I resorted to crying over England shellacking the Saffers instead - obviously McGrath was on form; how was it otherwise?

  4. Could provide a suprise or two but I'd have expected to see Queensland restricted for something less than 617 if that were the case.

    And yes, Purna, if Punter drops another series on home soil so soon after (another) Ashes loss, there's no telling what horrible happenings may happen.

    Sid, closely fought but the new generation won out. Which is reassuring!