Thursday, February 11, 2010

3rd ODI, Australia vs West Indies

It's quick poll time!  Given the state of the West Indian team at present, and Chris Gayle's new status as Bollinger's Bunny, do you feel that the Windies are:

a) Slightly Screwed
b) Moderately Screwed
c) Screwed
d) Utterly Screwed
e) Curl-into-a-fetal-position-and-cry Screwed

in today's upcoming 3rd ODI?  Discuss in comments.

That is one brutal looking bowling line up all of a sudden, Bollinger, Harris, McKay, Johnson and Hauritz.  (I didn't think I'd be saying that about an Australian team for several years!)  The Windies are facing the prospect of a tenth loss on the trot, coming not only against teams like Australia and India, but also Bangladesh and Pakistan.

They say Nash will get a start again; he was reliable in the tests but didn't exactly cover himself in glory.  The West Indies will definitely be looking to him to help anchor the middle order, which lately has been more of a briefly delayed top order for the West Indies.  Roach is still there, and the Sydney wicket promises to be a cruel and unusual experience for the batsmen once more, I can't wait to see what Roach can come up with.

Holy crap, four change, including no Marsh.

Update 2:
9 wides in 11 overs, this is just silly.

Friday, February 5, 2010

That was mindblowing

That was a mind-blowing match to watch, my fingernails are gone.  More later, but for now, wow.

Tait, 160.7km/h ... wow, just wow.

Update:  If Pakistan had fielded like that for the rest of the summer, we would have lost AT LEAST one of the tests, one or two or the ODIs.  That was electrifying fielding, I was amazed.  Kamran Akmal was just legendary.  Keep Shoaib Malik as Captain, he had this side jumping.  Great confidence, great intent.

Monday, February 1, 2010

As good a response as can be expected, I suppose

WACA wants stiffer fines for pitch invasion

Try to get the legislation changed to allow a $10,000 fine to make sure louts can't simply pool together with their mates to beat the fine, admission of fault for the security breach, full (sounding at least) apologies to the Pakistani team and the player in question, and contrition.

If we can see the fines actually increase, an actual security review and that fool get pinned down with the assault charge and to see some time in the jail, I'd say it was a good step to making sure this never happens again.

Not in a million years...

... could have imagined such a twist to the final game of the series.

My hats off to you, Boom Boom Afridi, you have a creative genius and a flair for the dramatic unmatched by a thousand authors.

As a practical note, though, if you must ball-tamper, at least try and ball-tamper with a little bit of discretion.  You know, like the English do.  You know, try to drop the ball and then "oops, I tripped over the damn ball and drove my cleats through it".  The whitest gora in the history of Europe would not get clear of BITING the ball in front of cameras.  And when it comes from someone who already has a name for himself for moonwalking across pitches in England with cleats... well...

On other news, I'm happy to hear on the radio that that streaker will be facing assault charges in front of the local magistrate.  Serves the bastard right.