Friday, February 5, 2010

That was mindblowing

That was a mind-blowing match to watch, my fingernails are gone.  More later, but for now, wow.

Tait, 160.7km/h ... wow, just wow.

Update:  If Pakistan had fielded like that for the rest of the summer, we would have lost AT LEAST one of the tests, one or two or the ODIs.  That was electrifying fielding, I was amazed.  Kamran Akmal was just legendary.  Keep Shoaib Malik as Captain, he had this side jumping.  Great confidence, great intent.


  1. Did Aussies win a T20??? That's a shocker.

  2. Won it by the skin of our teeth!

    I nearly had a heart attack four times during the Pakistani innings.

  3. I was so sure we would lose it. Not watched it yet, but I hear it was tight. Loking forward to watching thei highlights ... don't tell me what happens, now :-)

  4. Well, I'll be quiet about what happens till then :X

    Needless to say though, it was tight, but Tait's first over was like throwing down the gauntlet.

  5. Tait was scary - love Hads' description of him as "wild thing". I'm stealing that.

    Bolly in good form against the Windies today - great win. Hope Suley Benn is back for the next match, though. He always makes things more interesting.

  6. Yeah, Bollinger has been a sensation this summer, and Gayle is now officially his bunny; great stuff.

    As for Tait, haha, Shaun 'Wild Thing' Tait :) and I'd only recently been watching Major League as well...