Monday, February 1, 2010

Not in a million years...

... could have imagined such a twist to the final game of the series.

My hats off to you, Boom Boom Afridi, you have a creative genius and a flair for the dramatic unmatched by a thousand authors.

As a practical note, though, if you must ball-tamper, at least try and ball-tamper with a little bit of discretion.  You know, like the English do.  You know, try to drop the ball and then "oops, I tripped over the damn ball and drove my cleats through it".  The whitest gora in the history of Europe would not get clear of BITING the ball in front of cameras.  And when it comes from someone who already has a name for himself for moonwalking across pitches in England with cleats... well...

On other news, I'm happy to hear on the radio that that streaker will be facing assault charges in front of the local magistrate.  Serves the bastard right.


  1. Life ban for the intruder!

    Does that mean, that he is not allowed to see matches in stadiums of Australia?!

  2. He was trying to impress his selectors that he is so innovative captain than Mohammad Yousuf, how stupid, he has some garbage in their instead of brain you can easily tell by looking at his batting.

  3. Yeah, not allowed to attend any cricket matches in Australia; if they find him, out on his ear he goes with a trespass charge.

    Of course, he's got a bigger worry, and a court appearance, to contend with for now.

    @ Reverse

    At least if it were Test Cricket he could say he confused it for an apple! A dirty, white ball, however, what fruit could you mistake that for?

  4. WHAT! I want justice for the invader!! That was fun!

  5. Unfortunately, I don't think smiling as you rugby tackle makes the magistrate like you more. ):

  6. I'm a little concerned with the reactions from both sides regarding the 'tackling' incident. I'm not crying 'Racism', but why do I get the feeling that had this situation been completely reversed, the repercussions would have been much much worse for the host team.

    Consider it happening to Ponting in the subcontinent, for example. It would have been much more of a talking point with apologies being rendered and accepted. Here it barely got a mention. I know that Afridi snacking on leather during the match overshadowed everything else, but the feeling that the incident was not given the attention it deserves persists.

  7. Rohit,

    Well, not to be crass, but if you asked the Sri Lankan team, if you had to have someone invade the pitch, would you prefer it be in Gaddafi Stadium, Karachi or in the WACA, Perth...

    That said, it was a stupid and inexcusable incident, and Cricket Australia is quite rightly being called on the carpet for a Please Explain. And Nestaquin at 99.94 is now calling for an international ban on the WACA (which I'm afraid I'm constitutionally unable to support; see blog name for reasons why), and I suspect he won't be the only one.

    I just hope the bastard streaker get's jail time. A $500 fine is two weeks booze money to some of these cashed-up bogans out of the iron mines, absolutely nothing to people on $100k mining boom salaries.

    But an assault conviction and jail time, that will be something he can't brush off and laugh about. Even better, that'll keep him from going overseas and exposing other hapless people to his brand of bogan idiocy.