Monday, February 1, 2010

As good a response as can be expected, I suppose

WACA wants stiffer fines for pitch invasion

Try to get the legislation changed to allow a $10,000 fine to make sure louts can't simply pool together with their mates to beat the fine, admission of fault for the security breach, full (sounding at least) apologies to the Pakistani team and the player in question, and contrition.

If we can see the fines actually increase, an actual security review and that fool get pinned down with the assault charge and to see some time in the jail, I'd say it was a good step to making sure this never happens again.


  1. I totally agree, but am still miffed that the ICC's response to this is much stronger than their response to Afridi blatantly trying to alter the condition of the ball ... aren't both events as bad as each other?

  2. Sid, the two incidents are not even remotely related except that they happened in the same match.

    Equating assaulting a player to ball tampering is a bit of a stretch in my book.