Thursday, November 19, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka, Day 5 at Motera

Sri Lanka seems to have understimated how easy this pitch is to play on, allowing India to build up 190/2, giving India a very good chance of holding on for the draw.  Barring no irregular deterioration, the match seems relatively safe and Sri Lanka may have thrown away their best chance to date of a win on Indian soil.

Neither team has racked up 8 wickets in a day so far on this pitch and with a 45-over old ball, I'm not expecting any big surprises. India should over-take the lead by early afternoon and even if Sri Lanka gets to bat again, there would be very little opportunity to chase it down.

Here's hoping the next pitch is a little more lively.

So far the big standouts of the match would have to be:
a) Dravid's new groove
b) Welegedara, great potential, will need to see what he does in the next two matches
c) the frustrating and inexplicable failure of Team India's spinners
d) Dhoni seeming to lose his nerve with field placement and bowling choices.

Mishra just got a life courtesy of Dilshaan, dropped catch in slip.  Forgot to dry his hands before heading out?

Update 2:
Mishra getting the better of Murali's bowling, fifth sign of the apocalypse or sixth sign?

Why in the name of little green apples is Sangakkara setting defensive fields?  You're not defending a total, you're trying to win a match!  Can someone go over and poke him in the shoulder, see if he's awake?

Update 3:
Dilshaan get's an opportunity to put things right and holds the catch from Mishra.  We should all be so lucky in getting second chances ):

Update 4:
A century for Gambhir!  See, thats how you do it, Viru, by not playing it like a drunken sailor going after everything in your path.

Update 5:
Why would he charge a spinner when they're trying to bat out the match???  Gambhir, what were you thinking?  Oh well, on comes Very Very Special Laxman and the innings continues.

Update 6:
Just saw the bet365  odds:
Draw 1.00
Sri Lanka 51.00
India 501.00

I sense a get rich quick scheme coming on!


  1. I think this match is saved.

  2. Yeah, it looks pretty settled now; the fifth day pitch held no surprises, happily.

  3. I like Sri Lanka. I wanted them to win. But they can be so frustrating at times!

  4. D'oh!

    Great batting, just seemed to be a bit too much of it. Sangakkara will no doubt be kicking himself tonight.

  5. and they will be mulling over murli too... if indian spinners were big let down then what you will have to say to a spinner who have more than 1000 international wickets...?

    gambhir's shot has explanation... by this way only other batsmen too have some time spend in middle before next match... and keep SL frustrating...

    if this is draw which looks like in every probability... then it will be SL bowlers who will be praying that sanga win toss in next match and bat... :)

  6. 32 overs to go and Laxman and Tendulkar at the crease, both settled in and we've caught up their lead, I'm willing to say Sri Lanka has let this one slip.

    To an extent, neither side's spinners got the support they needed with the hyper-defensive field setups.

  7. Yawn. Is it done at long last? Nathan the Aussies better put up a better show against the Windies because the Saffers don't play tests before mid Dec. And I need to watch some good test matches!

  8. a boring non impact match, what were the curators thinking before the match?!

  9. The curators were thinking "lets make sure the match lasts five days so we get full ticket receipts".

    Purna, you and me both; I'm going to their Perth Test so I'd like to see some ireworks!