Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A lot of Pluck, but not much behind it

The West Indies are, yet again, staring up at a big hill to overcome if they are to make any progress in this series.  Their warm-up match against Queensland is looking very dicey at the moment, as Nick Kruger rather methodically grinds through the weakened West Indies attack.  (Edit: Although it looks like Roach is having a very good time with the ball and is keeping the run rate down low!)  The loss of Chris Gayle is going to hurt them further, unfortunately.

Would should all feel a pang of sympathy, though, for the young Trinidadian batsman Adrian Barath who had the terrible misfortune of having been near a sports journalist before his first real crack at the radically different Australian pitch conditions, who got him to speak about his confidence and eagerness to take on Australia.  A confidence which ended in 20 balls faced, 0 runs scored and being caught behind.  Experience is the key though, and if he can adapt to Indian pitch conditions when he played for T&T in the Champions League, he can adapt to Australian conditions no doubt.

My earliest cricketing memories are of watching a test match between Australia and the West Indies during a big family reunion, and I've always had a soft spot for that island and palm-trees shield on crimson. Tumult and crisis tend to bring opportunity so hopefully this series will bind and blood this inexperienced outfit and form the start of a new West Indian resurgence.

Also, I'm going to be able to get along to the Third Test at the WACA, and it would be great to see some competitive cricket there!


Queensland 113 runs up with six wickets in hand at stump.  This is going to be a tough tour for the Windies.


  1. barath of the backing of brian lara himself,
    i'm sure lara didn't say good stuff about him, just to be nice.

    simmons looks like another talented kid.
    cant wait to watch them being tested. though aus could be like the maths test. you know, those ones, which no matter how much you prepeare, you end up flunking

  2. i meant barath has the backing of lara.
    shoulda' paid more attention in the grammar class too

  3. I don't doubt Barath has the goods; he played well with T&T; he just needs some exposure to these conditions; there was an interesting article in Cricinfo pointing out the warm-up tournament that helped provide the selectors with the West Indies line-up was played on grounds were no one could get anything bouncing up past the knees.

    Just a matter of getting some experience with fast, bouncy pitches.

    And after all, Lara should know 'em when he see's 'em. :)

    I've never heard Australia described as a math's test before; interesting way of putting it! They'll certainly be tested on the tour, but that's always good for a cricket team, I think.