Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Shakib Al Hasan: "Losing hurts, but there is no use hanging on to it [emotion]. We want to keep improving and learning from our mistakes. Look, the first generation of cricketers had an average of 15 to 20, the next had 25 to 30, this lot is pushing 35 and the next generation will go over 40."
Now that's the sort of statement I like to hear from Bangladesh; no despair, no insane optimism, just pointing to the trend and keeping their heads up high.  Some of the most dangerous test teams today had records not dissimilar from Bangladesh in their day.  Cricket is all about the long-view, and it's important we remember that with the Bangladeshis.


  1. indeed... very sane sensible and assuring statement coming from bangladesh captain...

    bangla cricket is in good hands... :)

  2. Love it. There's really no end of positives to take from Bangladesh's performance, and they've had this same great, healthy attitude for a while. Go Tigers.

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  4. Thanks for the comment, SP :) (I was SURE I had already replied but I must have ... I dunno, not his the post button or something...)

    longwayoff, that's very much the case; some time in the next decade they will take off!