Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

Terribly sorry I have not updated you, I am quite remiss.  I blame my holidays, but alas, they are over now, so I will try and churn out some stuff on this very weird series with Pakistan very soon!

The Author

PS.  Sid, I'm not doing my best to ignore you, your site just keeps causing my browser to crash!

Thanks for including me in your worst of '09    ):


  1. I'll let you off, then ... what browser are you using? I swear by Firefox ...

  2. Stuck with IE7 here at work, thanks to a list of reasons which may or may not include laziness.

    Google Chrome at home though, which works for your site, when I get the chance to browse about. Haven't the foggiest why your site tends to crash my IE though.

  3. It crashes everyone's IE if they are still using IE7. It's fine on IE8. Something to do with me confusing IE7 with word at some point ... or so google like to tell me (most likely in at attempt to get me to use chrome).