Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chris Gayle

It's safe to say that Chris Gayle now knows exactly who Bollinger is.

Too much slogging, Gayle, not enough batting; who do you think you are, Sehwag?


  1. Here's to more bowlers making Gayle look like a fool.

  2. Without doubt they have identified each other clearly.

  3. Good point actually. I mean jokes apart, many people put Gayle and Sehwag in the same category of batsmen. You know, like this team doesn't have a destructive batsman in the Gayle/Sehwag category. I don't get this one bit. Gayle averages 39 in tests (@ a strike rate of 57) as compared to Sehwag's 52 (@ 80)! Sehwag is a far superior batsman in terms of consistent destruction. Gayle may have a distinct edge in ODI's with an avg of 39 vs Sehwag's 34 but Sehwag is 20 ahead in strike rate! This shows that they perform different roles and Sehwag has underperformed in ODI's. Enough with the comparisons....There is only one Sehwag..... heading his own list which consists solely of himself. No one else merits comparison.